Erba XL-640 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

XL 640 is a fully automated biochemistry analyzer with a throughput of 640 tests per hour.


  • Auto-dilution of samples and calibrators
  • Clot detection
  • 72 reusable hard glass reaction cuvettes
  • Two independent stirrers for mixing with 3x user selectable speeds
  • Four levels of control material can be used
  • Levey-Jennigs graphs
  • Twin Plot diagrams for monitoring of systematic and random error
  • Cuvette wash station - 8-step procedure
  • Automatic cuvette blank measurement before analysis
  • 80 positions for samples, blanks, standards, calibrators, controls and ISE solutions
  • STAT sample with priority in any position
  • Reagent compartment with Peltier/air cooler (8-12°C)
  • Option to use one reagent for several test simultaneously
  • Connection to LIS
  • Statistical methods of processing results
  • Informative reports on ongoing analyzer status

Product Applications:

  • Specialized chemistries like HbA1c, ApoA1, ApoB, Lp(a) etc
  • Immunoturbidimetric Assays like ASO, RF, CRP, etc.