Canped Adult Pants – Medium

Canped Absorbent Panties make patients with urinary incontinence feel safe with its power to contain moisture and odour.


  • It is suitable for people with waist sizes between 80-120 cm.
  • The entire surface of the cloth is soft textile and breathable.
  • Thanks to its special texture, it does not make noise.
  • It makes a difference in the lives of people who use it with its panties shape.
  • With its practical use, it provides ease of use, especially for patients on the move.
  • It makes you feel dry and safe thanks to its special absorbent layer that traps wetness and darkness.
  • It keeps it safe thanks to its anti-infiltration barriers.
  • Thanks to the elastics around the cloth, it completely wraps the body and eliminates the need to wear extra laundry.
  • It has a wetness indicator showing the time of diaper change.
  • After use, it is easily removed from the stitched parts on the sides. It can be easily rolled up with a special throwing tape.
  • Dermatologically tested.