Manoson Blood Pressure Monitor with Adult Cuff and Stethoscope

The Manoson hand-held blood pressure monitor with decompression button is delivered with an adult cuff + 1 single head stethoscope.

Ambidextrous use for right or left-handed.

Description of the Manoson hand-held sphygmomanometer + stethoscope:

  • High quality ABS plastic hand-held sphygmomanometer for ambidextrous use for right-handed or left-handed.
  • Simple tubing.
  • Dial diameter: 6.45cm
  • Comes with the nylon cuff with velcro closure.
  • Good readability of the linear graduation thanks to its large dial with a diameter of 6.45 cm.
  • Ergonomic pear has a progressive decompression button.
  • Color black

The Manoson hand-held sphygmomanometer delivered with:

  • A nylon storage case.
  • An adult cuff
  • A single head stethoscope