Unigloves Safety Goggles

Wide Vision Safety Goggles: Made of ultra-soft frame, hard plastic lens, the durable coating, anti-scratch and waterproof.

Can be used with regular near-sighted glasses. Dual injected rubber design conforms to the face and fits over regular glasses to provide an excellent field of view. Offers a high-level security from chemicals, dust and debris.

Wide Compatible: Polycarbonate lens is impact resistant and ideal for use on Industrial, Lab Work, Yard Work, Jobs Sites, Construction, Auto Repair, Riding.

High Quality: made of ultra-scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses and lightweight PVC frame, it is soft and flexible, comfortable to wear and stress-free, and can be worn for a long time; Anti-impact protection is provided to effectively reduce the splash of flying objects, dust and liquids.

Fully enclosed design: technician's splash-proof goggles are designed to fit tightly, comfortably and cover the entire eye area, the roof exhaust system provides ideal impact protection for dusty environments. Durable polycarbonate lenses combine with a soft frame and a worry-free headband to protect your eye.