Braunovidon® Ointment

Antiseptic skin and wound treatment

Povidone-iodine in a non-greasy ointment for antiseptic skin and wound treatment

Active ingredients per 100 g ointment:

  • 10 g povidone-iodine (with 10% available iodine)
  • Active against bacteria incl. MRSA, mycobacteria, fungi


  • Liquefies at body temperature and facilitates unhindered elimination of wound exudate
  • Spreads easily due to soft fluid consistency
  • Moistens wound bed e.g. in case of burn wounds


  • Repeated application over a limited period to damaged skin, e.g. Decubitus (pressure sores), Ulcus cruris (sores on lower leg), surface wounds and burns, infected dermatoses.



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